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Prednisone (Glucocorticoid, Corticosteroid) is used to stop inflammatory processes, an allergic reaction of the body. The tool helps to cope with itching, has an anti-exudative effect. Shortly after the penetration of the active compound into the human body, the following is observed: the formation and release of inflammatory mediators is controlled and inhibited. Prednisone affects kinin and histamine and controls the activity of lysosomal enzyme compounds. Under its influence, cells cannot move freely to the inflammatory focus. Prednisone reduces the permeability of the vascular walls in the area of localization of the inflammatory process, and inhibits vasodilation.

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Exudation when using Prednisone ointment (as well as tablets or ampoules) becomes less active. The process is due to the vasoconstrictor effect. The main compound of the drug is able to inhibit macrophages, cytokines, reduce the activity of target cells. Thus, it is possible to control all the elements of the body that take part in the development of contact dermatitis provoked by an allergic reaction. Under the influence of Prednisone, target cells are protected from the effects of macrophages, T-lymphocytes that have undergone sensitization.

What's Going on Inside?

If you follow the instructions for use, Prednisone is well tolerated by the body, as shown by medical studies. Soon after contact with tissues, adsorption occurs, the active compound quickly enters the circulatory system. This applies to all forms of release of the drug. Up to 90% of the total volume quickly reacts by binding to plasma proteins. Prednisone is able to contact with albumin and transcortin. Biological processes of transformation - oxidation, localization - the liver. Metabolic products are soon excreted in the urine, bile. A certain percentage leaves the body unchanged.

As medical studies have shown, the use of Prednisone (injections, tablets, ointments) has strict restrictions on women in the position since the drug crosses the placenta and may affect the fetus. A biochemical study of breast milk also showed a small percentage of the active compound, which imposes restrictions on the possibility of natural feeding of the child during the therapeutic course.

When to Use?

Reviews on the use of Prednisone confirm that the drug is effective against a wide variety of allergic diseases. It can be used to stop the inflammatory process. A tool developed as an element of complex therapy and is suitable for the treatment of exclusive cases not provoked by microbial infection. Prednisone can be used against hives, some forms of lichen and dermatitis, eczema, and lupus. The remedy is effective for a number of causes of hair loss. It is better to coordinate the application features with the doctor, who first takes tests to determine the nature of the problem.

When You Can't Use Prednisone

Instructions for the use of Prednisone contain a number of restrictions on the use of the drug.

In particular, the agent is not intended for the treatment of persons suffering from hypersensitivity to the active ingredient or any other compound used in the manufacturing process.

  • Do not use (externally or internally) Prednisone if skin lesions are provoked by a fungal infection or microbial infection, a virus.
  • The drug is not intended for the treatment of ulcers, is not suitable for open wounds, is dangerous for people suffering from trophic ulcers.
  • Prednisone should not be used if the patient's allergic response was provoked by a vaccine that caused a reaction on the skin.
  • Instructions for the use of Prednisone contain restrictions on the consumption of the drug by persons diagnosed with syphilis, tuberculosis.
  • The medication is not intended for pregnant and lactating women or children age one and younger.
  • You should not use the drug if skin tumors are detected or acne is disturbing - the active substance can provoke an exacerbation of the disease.

In some cases, under these conditions, the doctor may decide on the need to use Prednisone. In this case, the patient will have to be warned about all the risks associated with such therapy, as well as to indicate the line of conduct in the event of adverse reactions.

Features of Therapy

As follows from the instructions for use, Prednisone is intended for a two-week course or shorter use. It is not recommended to use the product for longer than 14 days. Certain restrictions are associated with the localization of the reaction to eliminate which drug is used. If an external form (ointment, gel) is chosen, it should not be applied near the eyes since such a practice can provoke cataracts, glaucoma. If the therapy involves the treatment of a one-year-old (and older child), if the drug must be used externally and applied to the face, the therapeutic course will have to be reduced on the area covered with a special bandage. To avoid a negative response in the body, the medication should be used strictly under medical supervision.

Instructions for the use of Prednisone warn that in the treatment of young patients, the likelihood of inhibiting the functionality of the adrenal glands is higher. There is a possibility of a decrease in the excretion of a hormonal compound. If there is a need for a long therapeutic course, it is important to monitor the patient's weight, growth change, plasma cortisol concentration.